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*Welcome To My Fucking Rage & Pain*
28 November
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you may find tears and blood here..........
the first thing you should know about me is i don't give a fuck...........
I love Darkness...Torment...Torturing those i hate...if i had it my way everyday would be Halloween because everysense i was a child...ive had a passion for it. i dont give a fuck what anyone thinks of me...and im unique. i have been through enough to be able to say "i learned from my own mistakes bitch so spare me the drama shit and stop punishing me for your shit." nothing interests me unless it involves dying...evil...or "Halloween" i only have remorse for one person...and hatered for others. im Devious...sneaky and i keep my enemies close. i never follow...and i never get out of the way. i have always been a leader. Betrayel pisses me off and im easily annoyed. i believe in other worlds, reincarnation, and crossing over. i believe in evil. my worst fear..and yes i have one...is going back to Hell...at shelby county jail. other than that...i think i'll be ok in this life.
Each Year Im born on Halloween & Live 4 Halloween. I Love Evil, i feed off of your pain... I love when you hate me...b'cuz i love 2 hate u. Im sometimes full of betrayel & lies...DEPENDS ON HOW IM FEELING... I Play with my enemies & i play with fire...but i never get burned. I have a passion for Halloween...Because i am the...
*~*Trick-OR-Treat Goddess*~*